Tweed Amplifier Reproductions

Tweed vacuum tube guitar amplifiers have been around for 50 years and they are here to stay. They sound amazing for Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz and even R&B. They are reliable and look great!

Tweed Champ Amp (1956 - 1964 / 5F1)

Ultimate practice / recording amplifier, 8" 4 ohm speaker (also available with a larger cabinet and a 12" 8 ohm speaker)

Deluxe Amp (1955 - 1960 / 5E3)

Princeton Amp (1955 - 1960 / 5F2-A)
Great practice & recording blues amplifier, 10" or 12"8 ohm speaker

Bassman Amp (1958 -1959 / 5F6-A)
"the ONE " , 4x10 cabinet

Twin Amp (1956 - 1958 / 5E8-A and 5F8-A) ,
The ultimate rhythm, clean amplifier, 2x12" 8 ohm speakers

Other Tweed Amps (Bandmaster, Super, Vibrolux, Reverb) ,

Options: Speakers, Cabinet, Combo, Top, tubes, International Voltage

Custom Amplifiers

The first to come out of the lab is The Rose, an amp that was designed in collaboration with Myles Rose at

Think of your favorite vintage amp on steroids. Looking for great distortion, sweet clean headroom, the circuit can be customized according to your music style (Jazz, Blues, Rock, Heavy Rock).

Options: Speakers, Cabinet, Combo, Top, Tubes, Covering, International Voltage



Pierson amplifiers is a one man shop, all amps are hand made, hand wired, artisan style , using components of the highest quality.
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