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External Speaker Cabinets

Pierson Amplifiers makes it easy for you to get your dream amp. Everything is possible, all the amplifiers I make are available in a COMBO or TOP format.

The finest lumber is hand selected for every cabinet ( High Quality Solid Clear Western White Pine). Other woods (poplar etc.) can be requested.

All cabinets are handcrafted using the Highest Quality Techniques (Dove-Tail and Box Lock joinery (Finger-joint)) and materials.

You can also pick from a wide variety of external speaker cabinets and select the speakers you want. You can also specify the covering from a nice selection of Tolex or natural wood finish if Tweed is not your thing.

  Tweed Family  


External Cabinets in Vintage style (deep amber) Tweed covered, hand crafted solid pine finger-jointed cabinet available in these formats:
            • 1x8
            • 1x10
            • 1x12
            • 1x15
            • 2x10
            • 2x12
            • 2x15
            • 3x10
            • 4x10
            • 4x12

If the one you want is not on that list, contact me for a quote.


Tweed 4x10" Jensen P10R external cabinet


Tweed 2x12" Jensen P12R external cabinet



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at


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