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The first to come out of the lab is The Rose, an amp that was designed in collaboration with Myles Rose at www.guitaramplifierblueprinting.com .
Every amp is available in combo or as a top format...

The Latest out of the shop is The Breaker, a 2x12 monster delivering 45 watts, based on the popular Marshall BluesBreaker.

Think of your favorite vintage amp on steroids. Looking for great sweet distortion, the circuit can be customized according to your music style (Jazz, Blues, Rock, Heavy Rock).

The Rose:

Class A, cathode biased, 2 6V6GT + 2 12AX7, 20 watts, 1x12 Celestion AlNiCo Blue

More info on The Rose amp

The Breaker:

Breaker Amp

Class AB, fixed bias, 2 6L6 + 3 12AX7, 45 watts, 1 Celestion Vintage 30 + 1 Celestion Heritage 30

More info on The Breaker 2x12 amp



Both are built for the road with the best quality components:

  • High grade epoxy turret board
  • Hand wired with cloth covered wire
  • Copper foil paper in oil capacitors
  • High quality carbon composition resistors
  • CTS (USA) potentiometers
  • Switchcraft (USA) jacks
  • Custom hand wound Mercury Magnetics power and output transformers
  • High Quality Solid Clear Western White Pine lock jointed cabinet, tolex covered


    Options: Speakers, Capacitors, tubes, external cabinets, International Voltage, covering

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