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Direct reviews from a few Pierson Amplifier owners:

From Jay F.

Just wanted to thank you again for building the Deluxe Amp for me.
The longer and louder I play, the better it sounds.
I plug my Deluxe Strat into the bright channel with amp volume set at 10 and tone set at 7.

This is the sound I've been searching for my whole life.

Thanks again,

Jay F.


From Jay F.

Hi Ludo, The Deluxe Amp arrived yesterday in perfect condition.
The craftsmanship is so beautiful that I can't stop staring at it while playing.
It has perfect bottom end and natural distortion that make it a Blues Dream Machine.
I highly recommend Pierson Amps and will be ordering another one in the near future.
Thanks for keeping the Blues Alive with 55 Deluxe Amp.( Absolutely amazing amp!)

From Gary S.

Ludo: The amp is great. Its better than I expected. The tone is warm and smooth and the amp is very quiet. I was surprised by the great bottom end which I wouldn't have expected from an 8" speaker. The overdrive distortion is a classic type of sound that's very recognizable and is really nice because the volume is within reasonable limits. Frankly, I don't know how you do it. Its worth every penny. ........I appreciate you making it for me. After I get some more time on it with my 72 Telecaster I'll write back with some additional comments. Gary S. Delaware

From Tom Burgar

Ludo: Yes, the Champ arrived late yesterday afternoon and I unpacked it last night. Everything appears okay. I really like the varnished tweed finish, it's nice. I was never a big fan of Tolex. Was only able to play for a few minutes last night, using a Stratocaster with a maple neck/fingerboard and Texas Special pickups. The amp has a nice smooth tone. I'm not an advanced player or a pro or anything like that. I haven't really played a lot of amps (I've only owned 2 before this one) so I can't really compare your Champ to other amps. My first impression was it reminded me of Buddy Holly's "That'll Be the Day" or "Rave On"; or perhaps Marshall Crenshaw's "Rockin' Around in NYC" - which is great of course. Rob Received the amp today. Fender doesn't make 'em like they used to; however, I am grateful that folks like yourself care enough to put out a righteous product. Take Care, Tom Burgar (Texas)

From John Butcher

Hello Ludo, The Champ arrived last night in excellent condition. I plugged in the tubes and played for about an hour. I couldn't be happier. The sound was stunning. Very rich with great harmonic detail. Thanks for the great set of NOS tubes, they really sing. The sound has a real 3D sound stage and the bottom end is big. I was surprised to get this much sound out of a 8" speaker. Ludo everything I had heard about your work was true. Thanks for building a great amp! Here is my highest compliment, please send me the price of a vintage style Deluxe including shipping. I Will send a check today. Please include your mailing address. Many Thanks John Butcher

James Kettner

Awesome! I got the amp today and it sounds just great! Thanks for all your help. It works perfectly at 220v. This little guys is a tone monster. I'm surprised it's as loud as it is- and with lots of headroom. The 8" speaker really cranks out some bass response and I found that on 8-9 (out of 12) it really rocks. I'll play around more tomorrow when I have time and try recording some. I'm impressed so far to say the least. The amp is very quiet. I played it for about an hour and a half yesterday and loved the feel. Picking dynamics and guitar volume/tone really interact nicely with this amp, probably even better than my THD Univalve. Maybe that's because I can crank it up with no hotplate. It almost seems like there is a reverb in this little baby, and I was playing in my padded wall studio. Compliments to you work. Today if I have time I'm going to record some clips and post a review on the www.musicplayer.com forum. Thanks again Ludo! Ciao, James


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