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Tweed Amplifier Reproductions

Tweed vacuum tube guitar amplifiers have been around for 50 years. They sound amazing for Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, are reliable and look great!

It's hard to find good reproductions these days, they are usually made with poor components resulting in amplifiers that are not better or as good as the ones made on the assembly line at Fender during the 50's.

My philosophy from the beginning at Pierson Amplifiers was to build better amplifiers than the originals made 50 years ago and never compromise quality for lowering costs. I have always use the best components available, and think of my amplifiers as works of art, sonically and visually not just guitar amplifying devices... I always aim at giving every musician the best tools to express their art.

  Tweed Family  

Tweed Champ Amp (1956 - 1964 / 5F1)
The ultimate practice / recording amplifier, 8" 4 ohm speaker (also available with a larger cabinet and a 12" 8 ohm speaker)

Deluxe Amp (1955 - 1960 / 5E3)
The ultimate blues amplifier for clubs and studio, 12" 8 ohm speaker

Bassman Amp (1958 -1960 / 5F6-A)
Considered by many as "the ONE " , 4x10 cabinet

Twin Amp (1956 - 1958 / 5E8-A and 5F8-A) ,
The ultimate rhythm, clean amplifier, 2x12" 8 ohm speakers

Super Amp (1956 -1960 / 5F4)
Cool all around amp, a bit like a Tweed Deluxe but louder, more clean headroom, same sweet distortion
, very nice Blues amp.

Bandmaster Amp (1955 -1960 / 5E7)
Similar to the Tweed Super amp, with 3x10" speakers, more low end, louder, great Blues amp. For medium size venues.

Vibrolux Amp (1956 -1960 / 5F11)
Similar to a Tweed Deluxe with Vibrato, a bit less Blues, a bit more Rock though. It's a great small club amp.

Options: Speakers, Capacitors, tubes, external cabinets, International Voltage

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