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1956/1958 Tweed Twin Amplifier

The Twin Amp (1956 - 1958 / 5E8-A and 5F8-A, class AB, fixed biased), available in 40 and 80 watts (respectively) is possibly the best , harmonically rich, loudest and clean rhythm guitar amplifier. It's also one of the most collectible amps ever made. The 80 watt version is considered by most players as "la creme de la creme". The Twin is great for Rock, Blues, Country and R&B. Although it does not breakup very easily, it still delivers a nice crunchy distortion tone when cranked up all way ... Keith Richards and the late George Harrison loved the thunderous output stage of the 80 watt version. Eric Clapton still plays Low Power Tweed Twins on tour.


  • Vintage style (deep amber) Tweed covered, hand crafted solid pine finger-jointed cabinet
  • Mercury Magnetics Transformers, period correct
  • High Quality Tone Capacitors (Paper in Oil)
  • Point-to-point hand-wired circuitry
  • Carbon composition resistors
  • High Quality Phenolic tube sockets, no rattling like the NOS ones
  • All Vintage tubes
Tweed Twin Amp 40 watts (2x12" combo Jensen P12Q)


Tweed Twin Amp 40 watts Top


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Tweed Twin Amp 80 watts (2x12" Combo Jensen P12N)

US Shipping Included

Tweed Twin Amp 80 watts Top

Options: Speakers, Capacitors, tubes, external cabinets, International Voltage

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